They say that from a very young age, kids thrive on routine. We've never been good at too much of a routine at our house. With the addition of each kid, it seemed to get even worse. By the time Lydia came along, we had no chance of getting her on a routine beyond taking Madison to school and picking her up - a few days a week Noah had preschool. And then usually some activity after school. Other than that "routine" we flew by the seat of our pants.

We still don't have much in terms of a routine. But there are days we do certain things. Tuesday's we have started going to story time again after getting out of the habit over the summer. The last few weeks she has been waking up everyday asking if it was story time and craft day. This girl lives for story time,


Last Tuesday was the 2nd time we had been back, she was over the moon when she found out it was Tuesday: story time AND craft day! She chatted all morning about going to story time. We can't be late mommy. We have to hurry mommy. When she picked a few books and it was time to leave, she climbed up in her car seat, and said "Mommy, that was the best day of my life. Thank you for taking me to story time today". And then later, when Chad was tucking her in at bed time, she listed story time at the top of what she was thankful for today.

Story time is great for exposure with other kids as well as getting to know the student/teacher relationship. We read books at home, but there is something extra exciting about someone else taking the time to read you a story (even if it is their job!).

She knew she loved story time: the interaction with the other kids, listening to the books read by someone different,  the songs and dancing, but especially the craft - but I didn't know how much it meant to her. We'll definitely be keeping this routine!

Outside Our Comfort Zones

Today I did something I really never thought I would do. I convinced myself to put on my big girl panties and take steps to learn to swim.

Last Monday, our local YMCA opened up registration for members. I signed up for their 9am Monday morning offering of Adult Beginner Swim Lessons. For the entire week I worried about what it would be like. Would I freeze up? Would I rock it? 

As I was driving to the Y, I was having second thoughts, I didn't want to do it. I mean, I am 33 years old, and successfully got through this much of my life with out needing them. But I knew I needed to. Ever since the kids swim lessons finished over the summer, they have been on me about taking lessons for myself.

Today, ended up being a big day. I didn't learn to swim (obviously). But I spent a full hour in the pool, learning to breathe in the water. I'm excited about what the next few weeks will hold!

Of course, the kids were right. This time anyway. 

And lucky for them, there seems to be an increase in their pool time next summer!

A Case for Monday

Monday is back. Like always. After Sunday. Before Tuesday.

I don't dread Monday like pretty much all the rest of society. My guy has the day off since he works Saturday. 

Monday is our day to recharge. After getting the big kids off to school, we putz around drinking our coffee, catching up on loose ends from the busy weekend. We hit the gym. Eat lunch together. And then before the crazy starts again, we get to work - him in the yard, me working on laundry or something that is as equally behind.

My favorite part about Monday is it isn't busy. It has been the day for the last 6 months that we have had nothing to do, nowhere to be. The day we can just be us. McKinney party of 5.

As much as we enjoy Monday to recharge and get caught up. Having our lives bursting full of kids and love. Where will we be in 15 years when they're all gone and it's just the 2 of us? Not as tired and wishing for these days to come back.

Fall Bucket List

Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year. You can actually get outside and DO STUFF! Something else I've grown to love: lists! This year, I've decided to write down the things we want to do this fall, so we can intentionally work through the list, and spend time as a family in the process.



Since it's October...

When September 21st comes around, it doesn't feel like fall just yet. I mean, usually even the end of September brings really warm temps.

As soon as October 1st hits, it finally feels like fall. It's like the weather knows it is October, suddenly it is in the 50s in the mornings, capping out in the mid 60s for a perfect afternoon. You can breathe in the crisp in the morning, but still see the sun in the evening. Perfect weather. Just how I like it!

October means boots, cardigans, blankets. And pumpkin everything!

Happy October!

What finally makes it fall for you?
What is your favorite thing about fall?